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Keep your equipmentin top condition with W1SE Check

Perfect tool for the trucking and heavy equipment industry, streamlining the workflow by providing a comprehensive asset inspection within our user-friendly app.


Level up your inspections in 3 easy steps:


1. Create custom forms and add vendors

2. Make an inspection in less than 5 min

3. Enter the number of items given to the driver

4. Driver signature and driver gets copy of inspection

DVIR (Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report)

1. Daily video inspections by driver

2. Cargo inspection

3. Damages reporting

4. Analytics of drivers behavior


1. Check before and after

2. If no damages - ALL GOOD

3. If there is damages or missing items - CLAIM

4. Drivers gets a copy to the email


Digital Inspections

Less Damages

Less Cargo Claims

Better Safety Score

Organized work

Huge Savings

Transform Your Inspection Game:

Experience seamless performance and unlock the full potential of your data with analytics at your fingertips.

  • Create inspections
  • Analyze data
  • Take instant action

Keep your inventory in check and increase your profits!

Accurate tracking provides a sense of clarity that allows for better projections and more informed decision making.

  • Inventory/Vendor Management
  • Location Management
  • Inventory Value

A part of something bigger

W1SE Check is a part of a greater standalone heavy duty TMS company called Fleet-Tec. This means that you will be able to access many additional features just by being with us.

How are W1se helping our clients?

W1SE Check has been a game changer for our business! It has streamlined our inspection process and made it much more efficient. We can now quickly and easily inspect our fleet and ensure that everything is in order. Highly recommend this app!

I've been using W1SE Check for a few months now and it has exceeded my expectations. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, and the app has all the features I need to inspect my trucks thoroughly. Overall, a fantastic app for logistics professionals.

This app has saved me so much time and hassle. I no longer have to manually inspect equipment, which used to take hours. With this app, I can quickly scan and inspect items, and the app does the rest. It's a must-have for anyone in the logistics industry!

As a logistics manager, I've used many different inspection apps, but this one is by far the best. It's packed with features and the interface is clean and user-friendly. It's also extremely reliable and accurate, which is essential in this industry.


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  • 1 Vehicle
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  • 1 DRIVER
  • 1 Trailer
A complete solution for small business
  • Up to 10 Vehicles
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  • Up to 10 drivers
  • Up to 10 trailers

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Solution for medium and growing business
  • Up to 50 Vehicles
  • Up to 25 users
  • Up to 50 drivers
  • Up to 50 trailers

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Comprehensive solution for larger companies
  • 50+ Vehicles
  • 25+ users
  • 50+ drivers
  • 50+ trailers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use W1SE Check outside the U.S.?
You bet! Organizations all over the world use W1SE Check today. In a global economy, it is common for business operations to span multiple regions, bound by complex reporting requirements. W1SE Check offers various settings to simplify the complexity of global operations. System of measurement (Imperial versus Metric) Time zone settings (configured for each user) Time format settings (12-hour versus 24-hour) Date format settings (e.g. month/day/year versus day/month/year) Currency settings (most major currencies are supported)
Is there anything to download or install?
No, W1SE Check is web-based and runs in the cloud. W1SE Check works in all major, modern web browsers. Specifically, we support Firefox 77 and higher, Safari 12 and higher, Chrome 77 and higher and Microsoft Edge 83 and higher. You can install our mobile apps on modern iOS or Android devices to use W1SE Check on-the-go.
Is there a mobile app for W1SE Check?
W1SE Check app gives you the power of W1SE Check while on-the-go. View and update vehicle details, manage issues, record fuel transactions and service entries, submit electronic inspections and much more!
Can I change my plan at any time?
Yes. You can change your W1SE Check plan at any time by visiting the Settings area.
Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
There are no long-term contracts associated with your monthly subscription. If you’d like to save on your subscription cost, we offer the option to pay annually, or you can sign a multi-year agreement to lock in additional discounts.

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